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I was born in Okinawa as Kinjo Manabu in the year of the Yin Water Tiger, 1962. My mother was a native Ryukyuan and my father was a soldier for the USMC, whom I've never met. From birth till four years of age, I was shuffled from one relative's home to another—constantly. I hardly knew my mother as she was away continually, working several jobs as a single mother. At age four, I was introduced to the man who would be my mother's husband and my adopted father, another US Marine. At age five I immagrated, with my mother and father, to America, where my name was changed to Michael Batalon.

I was attracted to music at an early age. By six years of age I was adept at playing the recorder and the harmonica by ear. I became very fond of imitating sounds and voices and could convincingly copy many cartoon voices. It was also about this time that I became obsessed with drawing and coloring. Many of my school mates were amazed at my skills and constantly challenged me to draw pictures from the subjects they chose. All the way through High School, I excelled in art. In my senior year in High School, my girlfriend, Jackie, taught me a few basic chords on the acoustic guitar. In 1983, in Honolulu, I became a professional musician when I started to gig as a Night Club singer. I played in a couple of rock bands, honing my chops, and in the year 2001 I was recuited to record and perform with The Temple Bhajan Band, a group touring up and down the West Coast and the breadth of the Continental USA. I recorded a total of six albums with TBB, our third album being awarded First Prize in the Los Angeles Spiritual Film and Music Festival in 2007.

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In my senior year of High School in 1979, I touched my first computer. It was a Radio Shack display of the TRS-80 Model 1. After I wrote my first "Hello World" program in BASIC I became obsessed with coding. My first desire was to play Dungeon and Dragons and I coded several text based Dungeon adventures as well as ANSI Graphics based programs. I learned to hack source codes and emulate sophisticated programs. As computing advanced I learn to crack software and even learned to break into systems. During the whole run of Windows 7, I used a cracked OS as well as Office and Adobe Suite. I was busted by Microsoft and was granted a choice—face Federal prosecution or work as a beta tester. I gave up hacking on the spot, opting for legal free software.

I had advanced notice of the World Wide Web and the Information Super Highway coming in 1993 and prepared myself. I've been on the Internet since Spring of 1993, via a UNIX Terminal Emulator. By 1994 I became adept at coding hypertext. In 1996 I published my first major website called The Razor's Edge E-Zine. In the year 2001, I was hired by the publishing firm BBT, Inc., in Los Angeles, to be their Webmaster, maintaining their business website as well as publishing a series of E-Books for their home page. I also took on a lot of side jobs, developing sites for Yoga Studios and Musicians. In the mean time I was sharpening my programming skills in C++ and C# in Microsoft's Visual Studio. I've sold some custom software and made a decent living with it.

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